Snowshoeing 101: A Round-Up of Everything You Need to Know

I've covered a lot of ground on snowshoes, both in the snowy backcountry and in many an article over the years. Snow is falling even as I write this, conditions in New Hampshire and Maine are prime for some quality stomping, and further inspiration awaits on the National Weather Service's in-depth snow information page for the Northeast.
As we enter into the snowy heart of winter, here's a round-up of key snowshoeing advice:

Winter Walkers: How to Choose the Right Snowshoes
If you know nothing about snowshoes, this high-level primer is a great place to start. From traction to bindings to sizing, you'll quickly get a handle on the key features to consider when shopping for a pair of snowshoes.

The Best Boots for Snowshoeing? Five Key Features to Consider
Snowshoes are only half of your snow-stomping footwear set-up. Choosing the right pair of boots to strap in makes a tremendous difference in comfort, warmth, and performance.

Photo: MAD Hippies Life/Flickr

Snowshoe Poles vs. Trekking Poles
A pair of snowshoe poles is invaluable and nearly essential for balance and control in variable snow conditions and terrain. But don't get suckered into spending money on a pair of so-called 'snowshoe poles'—it's much easier (and cheaper) to upgrade your trekking poles instead.

Photo: Ryan Johnson/Flickr
Understanding Flotation: What Size Snowshoe Do You Need? 
Snowshoes reduce how deep you sink into the snow, a feature known as flotation. The exact equation for how much you sink—er, float—depends on three basic factors: the size of the snowshoe, how much you weigh, and the density of the snow. The right size snowshoe for you will depend on where and how you use them.

Get a grip. The MSR Revo Ascent 2.

The Latest, Greatest Snowshoes for Serious Winter Adventure
If you're considering tackling the high peaks of the Northeast this winter, this round-up is for you: a review of the best, toothiest, and most aggressive snowshoes to consider for steep terrain, variable and icy conditions, and the full spectrum of Northeast winter.
Stomp on!

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