How to Become a Cyborg: The Recon Jet

If you've ever fantasized about upgrading your vision to Terminator-level processing power, the Recon Jet offers a first step toward your future cyborgian self.

I see you, data. Photo: Recon Instruments 
The Jet is a pair of sunglasses with a heads-up display unit in the lower portion of the right lens. Designed with active users in mind (runners, cyclists, etc.), the display shows information such as pace, distance traveled, duration of workout, and more. (Built-in motion sensors and a GPS unit keep track of it all.)

What's unique, however, is that this data appears to be floating in your lower field of view, allowing you to instantly access the info without having to glance down at a watch, smart phone, or other fitness device. (Per Recon, looking at the display is equivalent to viewing a 30-inch screen from 7 feet away.)

Those are the basics, but the Jet adds quite a few more whiz-bang features. For example, it's designed to sense when you're peering down at the display rather than looking straight ahead, illuminating the display when needed and dimming it when not. It has an integrated POV camera for both photos and video. It can connect to your smart phone and alert you to incoming calls or messages. And so on.

Serious business, this data. Photo: Recon Instruments
Per the specs, the rechargeable battery can last up to four hours (though I'm guessing the day-to-day reality of it falls somewhere south of that).

Whether you need such a connected existence floating in front of you is another story, especially given how über-teched they make you look.

The Jet currently sells for $499 after a recent $200 drop in price.

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