Make Any Glove Touchscreen Compatible

It's no fun to expose your phone-swiping digits to the cold. Sure, you can avoid chilled fingertips by investing in a pair of touchscreen friendly gloves, which have proliferated alongside the never-ending explosion of mobile devices. But if you're like me, you probably have a collection of perfectly serviceable gloves—and no desire to add to the collection.

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So I'm intrigued by AnyGlove, a liquid treatment you can apply to any set of gloves to make them touchscreen friendly. Per the video instructions, you simply coat the desired fingertips (usually the index finger and thumb) and either let it air dry or accelerate the process with two to three minutes of hot air from a blow dryer.

So does it work? After a thorough perusal of online reviews and comments, including a good comment thread on Amazon, I'm going to give this a qualified yes, with at least one important caveat.

In order for the stuff to work, it almost certainly needs to completely saturate the fabric from the surface of the glove all the way through to the inside in order to create a connection between your finger and the touchscreen. Thinner, around-town gloves? No problem. But when it comes to thicker gloves that feature a layer of synthetic insulation (nylon ski gloves, for example) or gloves that feature a separate liner, AnyGlove appears to be much less reliable. (To help avoid this, one commenter suggests treating both the outside and inside of the glove.)

Other considerations include the fact that 1) this is not a permanent treatment—you'll need to reapply it from time to time depending on use, 2) it can discolor lighter colored fabrics, and 3) it's unclear what the elixir is made from; there are no details on the company web site regarding the chemicals used in the stuff.

So my takeaway? Overall, a decent option for the lightweight pairs of gloves I use in my daily winter life, but not something I'd use on my heavier winter handwear.

A bottle of AnyGlove runs $14.95 and is available in formulations for both synthetic and leather gloves. Per the product specs, each 15ml bottle can treat up to five pairs of gloves.

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