Want to Support the Mount Washington Observatory? Do You Shop at EMS? Bingo.

The Mount Washington Observatory (MWO) perches atop its namesake 6,288-foot peak, the highest summit in the Northeast, and offers a trove of useful information for White Mountains-bound hikers.

A nice day atop Mount Washington (right), as captured
by one of the Observatory's many web cams.
Online offerings include a series of free and constantly updated web cams of the Presidential Range, a dashboard of current summit conditions, and a daily weather forecast for the higher summits in the White Mountains (as well as a slew of other current and forecasted weather conditions in the area).

At the observatory itself, a brand new museum, Extreme Mount Washington, just opened. It "delivers the science and excitement of a Mount Washington winter to summer visitors of all ages through high-tech, hands on exhibits. [Visitors can] learn how rime ice forms, pilot a snowcat, see how Mount Washington Observatory scientists observe and record the infamous conditions and more. Get a taste for life in the alpine zone, no ice axes required!" (Learn more about it in this recent Boston Globe article.)

Shop Online at EMS? Support MWO at No Cost.
MWO is a private, non-profit organization that relies on its supporters for the funding to provide these excellent resources. One of the easiest ways to contribute is by shopping online at EMS—the key is that you must begin your virtual shopping trip via this MWO web page.

Once you complete a purchase, EMS donates a portion directly to MWO at no extra cost or effort on your end. It's that simple.

In addition to the direct financial contributions that this generates, EMS—the official outfitter of MWO—also donates gear to MWO staff, including Marty the Cat (see How to Dress a Cat on Top of Mount Washington).

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