Top 7 Equipped Posts from 2013: Reader Favorites

In these final days of 2013, here's a look back at the top Equipped posts from the past year as measured by the number of page views they have received.

#7: Three Myths (and Facts) About Poison Ivy Rash
Does scratching a poison ivy rash cause it to spread? 
Is a poison ivy rash contagious? 
Can you get a poison ivy rash if you've never before had a reaction?
There's only one way to find out. Read this post.

#6: 5 Ultralight Tents Under 2.5 Pounds 
A drool-worthy list to peruse as you plot 2014's great backpacking adventures, especially if you're looking to go faster, farther, and with less weight than ever before.

#5: Fall Foliage Updates: A Week-by-Week Leaf-Peeping Playbook for New England
Bookmark this one for the great leaf-peeing bonanza of 2014. A round-up of resources to help you identify and plan the perfect timing and destination next fall, including some mesmerizing animations of foliage progression across New England.

#4: How to Bruise and Blacken Your Toenails 
Sometimes I inadvertently go the extra (and extra painful) mile to bring you helpful advice. Here I share my techniques for causing (and avoiding) serious bruising and damage to your toenails. And yes, the left big toenail has since fallen off.

#3: How to Recognize and Avoid Poison Ivy: Three Sayings to Remember
It's better to learn these simple tricks for avoiding poison ivy than to discover for yourself whether the myths and facts from the above poison ivy post are true.

#2: Winter Camping? One Simple Trick to Sleep Warmer at Night 
You may have heard the old saw, "If your feet are cold, put on a hat." But when it comes to sleeping warmer throughout the night, it's "If you wake up cold, do this instead." Hint: It's delicious.

#1: How Many Hikers Carry the 10 Essentials? In New Hampshire's White Mountains, Shockingly Few.
A survey of nearly 200 White Mountain hikers found that less than 20 percent carried all ten essentials. Find out which items were commonly left at home -- and why several of the most forgotten items could mean the difference between life and death.

Thank you readers for another great year of Equipped posts! Do you have any topics or suggestions for posts in 2014? Please share!

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