Top 7 Equipped 2013 Posts: Author's Favorites

Yesterday I rounded up the top 7 most viewed posts from 2013. Useful and interesting? Sure. But they weren't my personal favorites from the past year. These were. Why? In researching each of these posts, I discovered something unexpected, something fun, and/or something particularly useful for my personal outdoor pursuits. I hope you do too!

Squirrel Suicide: Know the Best Way to Prevent a Bike-Squirrel Collision
I have often pondered the odds for various types of dangerous mishaps that might occur during my bike commute. Vehicles, pedestrians, dogs, potholes, ice, you name it. But until one strange early morning ride, I never gave much thought to perhaps the greatest overlooked threat I faced. Now I at least know how to minimize the risk.

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More than Others?
Twenty percent of people are "mosquito magnets" and much more likely to attract unwanted blood-sucking attention. Why? Turns out there are a multitude of factors at play.

Why is Winter Cycling Harder than Summer Riding? It's Not What You Think.
Yes, cold, snow, and ice make winter biking a bit more challenging than summer riding. But did you know that basic atmospheric physics are working against you as well? As a year-round bike commuter (hence the reason why three of these posts are cycling-related), I was surprised, chagrined, and then uplifted upon learning how much more effort it takes to ride through cold versus warm air.

The Best Match for Survival Kits? Hard to Beat UCO Stormproof Matches.
The best thing about this post? The amazing videos I found demonstrating how it was all but impossible to extinguish these matches once lit. I included one of the best with this post, along with plenty of details about the emergency fire starter that has been my go-to for many years now.

The Highest Calorie Candy Bars
As part of my never-ending quest to find out which trail foods pack the most caloric bang for the buck, I did some quick data-crunching to identify which ten candy bars offer the most calories per ounce. Very useful (and delicious) information ensued.

Two Running Myths, Busted
Do you burn more calories running or walking over the same distance? Why?
Does running increase the likelihood of knee arthritis? Why or why not?
Think you know the answers? So did I... until I wrote this post.

Be Part of the 0.6%. Bike Commute.
It's an exclusive club. Yet anybody can join it with the right motivation and opportunities. And many are, as this encouraging new study highlights. 

Happy New Year!

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