Face Mask Meets Mega-Beard: The Beardski

A Beardski integrates a neoprene face mask, fleecy neck, and a flowing faux-beard into a wild amalgamation of transfixing weirdness. 

So are you ready to tap into the powers of a mighty beard? Or continue living the hirsute dream of the 2013 Boston Red Sox? Or just look ridiculously cool? (Or just ridiculous, depending on your point of view?)

The Beardski Prospector
Then just strap on a Beardski and turn your beard dreams into flowing reality. Ten different versions are available, including the full-form Prospector, flaming-red Zeke, long-point Merlin, and the dreadlocked Midnight Rasta. They retail for $34.95 (the Merlin conjures away an extra $5).

Appearance and practicality aside, they certainly look warm, and, hey, a face mask is an essential component for staying safe in frigid, windy conditions. Plus a Beardski provides children and women the opportunity to experience full facial hairiness. Even the hosts of the Today Show have tried them on.

And don't worry, even if you get pasta sauce all over your Beardski while eating over an open flame, the product description notes that a Beardski is both washable and non-flammable. No word, however, on what exactly the beard component is made from. Perhaps you don't really want to know.

Stay warm!

 “Equipped” is an AMC Outdoors blog, written by Matt Heid.