Add a Lash Point to Your Pack, No Sewing Required: The PackTach from Tribe One

In order to secure extra gear to the outside of your pack, you need attachment points that allow you to thread straps—and lash gear—in the locations you want. If your pack is lacking in this department, you could take the time and effort to stitch some on. Or you could just buy a set of PackTach's.

Produced by Tribe One, a small Utah-based gear company, the PackTach is a two-piece system that can be attached without stitching to just about any fabric. As the image and video below illustrate, you first position the lightweight, plastic attachment piece on the inside of the pack. Next you use a small aluminum carabiner to clip into it from the outside, pinning the fabric between the carabiner and plastic attachment piece.

Simple and inexpensive ($11.95 for a set of four), it seems like a nice solution for those times when you need to go big in the backcountry, such as for extended trips without resupply or winter adventures that require a lot of extra equipment. The fact that you can remove them just as easily for times when you don't need them is a plus as well.

Equipped” is an AMC Outdoors blog, written by Matt Heid.