How to Repair a Broken Tent Zipper: The FixnZip Offers an Intriguing Solution

Tent zippers can be tricky to repair, yet are crucial for maintaining a bug-free tent environment.

The big repair challenge with tents is that the doors almost always feature "closed-end" zippers on the doors; the two ends are sealed closed and, unlike a jacket or sleeping bag zipper, you cannot open either end to thread on a new slider.

CTF Enterprises, a small company based in Portland, Oregon, offers an intriguing solution: the FixnZip. The basic idea is simple. It's a zipper slider with a small thumb screw. You first loosen it to attach it to the zipper, tighten it down to secure it in position, and then get your zip on.

Here's a video of it in action on the door zipper of a typical backpacking tent:

FixnZips come in three different sizes to accommodate different zipper types, and are designed to work on just about anything with a zipper. Think jackets, sleeping bags, and pack zippers, as well as other items like luggage.

FixnZips feature attachment points on both sides of the zipper pull, an all but essential feature for tent doors and a nice convenience on sleeping bags. They run $9.99 each and are made in the USA.

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