The Trans Adirondack Route: The Northeast's Newest Long-Distance Hike

The Trans Adirondack Route runs for 236.4 miles across the length of New York's Adirondack Park from its northern to southern borders. It was first hiked by outdoor adventurer Erik Schlimmer in 2010 and established as a formal long-distance route this year with the publication of Schlimmer's guidebook, Blue Line to Blue Line: The Official Guide to the Trans Adirondack Route.

To complete the journey, the route utilizes a grab bag of mostly low-elevation pathways, including 160 miles of trails, 65 miles of roads, and 10 miles of trackless woods. Along the way, it visits five wilderness areas, eight wild forests, more than 50 lakes and ponds, and several hundred streams and waterways.
Finally, to help manage and promote the route, the non-profit Friends of the Trans Adirondack Route was established in May 2013. Part of the organization's mission statement reads as follows: "We offer an immersion experience in the East's greatest remaining wilderness, free from the confines of techno-industrial society."

I'll hike to that!

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