The 13 Essentials for Surviving a Zombie Outbreak and Other (More Practical) Infographics for the Outdoors

There's the 10 essentials—and then there's the 13 essentials for dealing with the walking undead. This entertaining infographic from REI (below) is part of the company's large and growing collection of infographics that, in general, provide much more practical advice and insights than how to deal with zombies. They're just not nearly as amusing.

Consider, for example, zombie-dealing essential #12: a cast-iron skillet. As the infographic explains, it's a "cooking tool and blunt instrument with awesome stopping power." (It further details the proper stance and follow-through technique for skillet-whopping a zombie on the head.)

The remaining items are a mish-mash of the usual you-should-carry-it items, including a flashlight ("can temporarily disorient an approaching zombie"), utility cord (for rigging an "early zombie detection system"), and an insulated vest ("allows excellent range of motion for chores such as chopping wood and zombies"). A few how-to items are also of potential interest, as is the extensive and comprehensive round-up of "recommended zombie research materials" at the bottom of the infographic.

If you consider an imminent zombie outbreak unlikely, there are several other REI infographics you might find much more useful, including:
Now about those zombies...

13 Essential Tools for Surviving a Zombie Outbreak

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