Nemo Equipment of Nashua, NH: Sleeping Bags Like You've Never Seen

Nemo Equipment started out creating innovative, ultralight tents, as I profiled both in 2011 and 2009 as part of my ongoing series of Northeast-based gear companies (see end of post). Now Nemo has branched out and unveiled a set of sleeping bags unlike any others on the market.

Nemo's new Spoon Series features a strange hourglass shape that instantly contrasts with the traditional tapered sleeping bag design.

Consider the Nocturne 15 (pictured right), a 15-degree-rated sleeping bag and one of the more seasonally versatile of the lot. On the long version, a generous 62-inch shoulder girth narrows slightly to 60 inches at the hips, then flares out to its widest point (68 inches) across the knees to allow sleepers the option of bending or curling up the knees inside the bag. A good design, say, if you're a tosser-and-turner or like to curl up fetal-style while you sleep.

Another smaller design element adds to the bag's unique character. Just below the hood is an unusual insulated flap—dubbed the "Blanket Fold"—which you can tuck around the side of your head for extra coverage and warmth (right).

The insulation is 700-fill water-resistant DownTek goose down and the shell material is ultralight 15-denier nylon. Though not featherweight, the Nocturne 15 Long comes in at a reasonable 3 pounds, 3 ounces; the regular 2 pounds, 11 ounces. There's a 30-degree version as well (2 pounds and 2 pounds, 2 ounces, respectively) plus a women's version called the Rhapsody, also available in both ratings.

For three-season ultralighters, Nemo Equipment offers several quilt-style sleep systems, including the 18-ounce Siren 30 ($349) and the 34-ounce, two-person Tango Duo 30 ($449).

For its grand finale of radical bag rethink, Nemo Equipment offers the go-anywhere extreme winter Canon -40 (left), which features an integrated Primaloft "Stove Pipe" over the hood for pre-warming bitterly cold air, a center zipper plus separate arm hole zippers so you can function while wearing it, a waterproof-breathable nylon shell, and loads of 850-fill goose down. It weighs in 4 pounds, 5 ounces and runs $999.

Nemo sleeping bags will be available from retailers beginning later this year; a limited number of pre-production models are available directly from Nemo Equipment right now.

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