Want to Grow a Warm Beard in Seconds? Put on a Beardo Face Mask.

Man, woman, child... it doesn't matter. Beardo offers a full range of beard hats for all.

When winter temperatures really plummet—as they do in Canada, where this small home-grown company is based—you're going to want to add some warmth to your face. And without doubt a Beardo beanie is one of the most creative ways to do it.

The company's signature product features a one-size-fits-all hat with an adjustable face mask that's knit to mimic the look of some very robust facial hair. The beard attaches to the hat via Velcro tabs and can be adjusted up to 14 cm (those metric Canadians, eh) for a snug facial fit.

If conditions don't merit full beard-dom, you can "fold away the beard easily for fancy dinner parties" and other important engagements. The "slightly slouchy and stylishly fit" design of the hat readily accommodates the extra material. Both the hat and beard are made from soft, 100 percent acrylic.

By the looks of it, a Beardo beanie should offer significant warmth in calm conditions, though the loose weave almost certainly does nothing to block a cold cheek-chilling wind.

Different Beardo designs are available, including one that makes you look like Santa Claus, a smaller size for kids, and a brimmed "rider" version. They retail for $35 to $40.

The company also offers some other amusing products as well, including bottle moustaches and the potentially more useful Houdini Beanie.    

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"Equipped" is an AMC Outdoors blog, written by Matt Heid.