How to Choose the Best Winter Gear

As winter steadily descends upon us, it's time to get equipped for a season of cold-weather fun. To help you choose the right winter gear for your needs, I've compiled this round-up of my past articles and posts that cover everything from snowshoes to gloves, cross-country skis to long underwear. I hope you find it a useful resource.

Winter Hiking Gear

Winter Backpacks
Cold Shoulders: Choose the Right Winter Backpack

Winter Walkers: How to Choose the Right Snowshoes
The Best Snowshoes? Here are My Favorites

Traction Systems
Winter Traction Systems
Aluminum Crampons
Kahtoola Microspikes and KTS Crampons

Winter Camping Gear

Four-Season Tents
Out Cold: Find Dreamtime in a Quality Four-Season Tent

Winter Sleeping Bags and Pads
A Warm Winter's Nap: Snug Up with the Right Sleep System
Ultralight Winter Sleeping Bags
Best Deal on a Winter Sleeping Bag? Check Out These Four Options

Bivy Sacks
The Different Types of Bivy Sacks 

Clothing and Accessories

Long Underwear
The Bare Essentials: Get Cozy with the Right Base Layer

Hot Hands: Toast Your Fingers with the Right Gloves
Touchscreen Gloves
Best Liner Gloves Ever
Lobster Claw Gloves

Head, Face, and Neck Protection
Warm Thoughts: Protect Your Head and Neck from the Cold
Above Treeline in the Winter: Face Protection

Winter Boots
Give Winter the Boot: Keep Your Feet Toasty All Winter Long
Rechargeable Heated Insoles—with Remote Control   

On Guard: Protect Your Feet with the Right Gaiters

Insulating Layers
Crank It Up: Turn on the Heat with Battery-Powered Clothing
Waterproof Goose Down?
Synthetic Insulation: The Long and Short of It
Down Time: The story of a miracle material
The Incredible Structure of Goose Down

Cross-Country Skiing

Understanding the Many Types of Skis
Cross-Country Freedom: Choose the Right Skis to Glide through Winter
Glide through the Glades: A Primer on Ski Wax

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