Dehydrated Beer for the Backcountry

Pat's Backcountry Beverages—company slogan: "Drink Resourcefully"—has developed a beer concentrate that can be reconstituted and carbonated in the field.

Pat (a.k.a. Patrick Tatera of Talkeetna, Alaska) has created a beer concentrate that isn't technically dehydrated, an energy-intensive process that would involve removing all of the water from a beer brewed in standard fashion, but rather brewed using almost no water in the first place. The patent-pending process, which Pat has dubbed Hybrid Brewing Technology, creates a concentrated alcoholic brew that, once diluted with water, produces an alcohol content and taste "equivalent to most microbrews on the market."

Nobody likes to drink flat beer, however, so there's another step to the process: carbonation. Pat has also developed a Carbonator Bottle, which contains an integrated "reaction cup" that you fill up with the company's "eco2ACTIVATOR" powder. Place it in your reconstituted beverage of choice and the ensuing chemical reaction adds those essential bubbles for the complete beer-drinking experience.

Here's a video demonstrating it in action:

No real details are included in the site on what exactly is in that magic eco2ACTIVATOR powder, nor are there any reviews yet as to how carbonated it actually makes the beverage. Why? It's being released for the first time later this month. Pricing details are also yet to be announced, including the cost for the individual powder pouches for the reactor cup.

And you'll have to wait a wee bit longer to wet your whistle with Pat's beer—it won't be available until sometime in early 2013 as the fledgeling company is still "nearing completion of our federal and state permits" to sell the stuff.

But there is a non-alcoholic alternative that will be available before then: Pat's soda concentrates, which will also be available later this month. Five flavors will be initially available, including Bear Foot Root Beer, Poma Granite Cola, and Lemon Clime. 

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