The Ultimate Hammock...for Eight?

There's hammocks...and then there's hammocks so big they become "portable suspended habitation units" large enough to accommodate two, four, or even eight people and their gear.

Tentsile is the English company that offers such massive free-hanging shelters, or as the company dubs it, "the world's most versatile tent." Alex Shirley-Smith, an architect and treehouse designer, developed the concept with the goal of creating a portable treehouse.

The company offers three different designs: a 2-person, 3-4 person, and 5-8 person. Each features a different geometry, though all three designs need only three load-bearing anchors for support. The two larger versions feature webbing straps for the frame with a breaking strength of 5 tonnes (English company, remember) and a weight capacity of 1,100 and 2,100 pounds, respectively.

The larger designs resemble a three-legged starfish, with a central hub (big enough to fit the footprint of a double bed in the largest version) and three legs with integrated internal hammocks suspended above storage compartments. A rope ladder provides access from the ground. Check out the Tentsile photo gallery to see more.  

All Tentsile products are custom made by hand to order, which means they don't come cheap. Or even just expensive. They run on the far side of that actually, more a neat proof of concept and design than a practical sleeping option for the non-zillionaire camper. The 2-person starts at $2,900, the 3-4 person at $8,620, and the mongo hanging house for eight at $11,800.

Still interested? You can receive their detailed brochure instantly by requesting it here.

Or you can just stick to more traditional hammock camping.

Happy hanging.

"Equipped" is an AMC Outdoors blog, written by Matt Heid