How to Boil Water in a Paper Pot: An Update on the Hexa Pot

The Hexa Pot is now available
for purchase.
Earlier this year, I profiled the Hexa Pot, a prototype half-ounce pot made entirely of paper that safely and easily boils water over an open flame. A little over six months later, it is now available for pre-order through August 1, at which point it will be available for purchase through Amazon.

When I first featured the Hexa Pot in early January, it was an aspiring project on the crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter. Well, it failed, reaching only $3,653 of the $25,000 in pledges needed to reach its funding goal. But product development soldiered on evidently, likely due in part to the quality media exposure the idea received.
The Hexa Pot comes in two sizes, small (0.3 ounce; $5.49 for a package of 2) and large (0.5 ounce; $6.99 for a package of 2). It is also available in either an "outdoor" pack or "survival" kit, though it's unclear whether there's any difference between the two other than the intended-use marketing aspect. During the special pre-order period, you'll receive a free small Hexa Pot with each large pot package order.

Hexa Pot is a new offering from Energia, a small California-based company that produces a handful of diverse products, including the Sanimat, "a biodegradable disposable sanitary mat" for around your toilet; and the forthcoming Jubicotto, a "Jujube Crunch Chip."

As one reader noted on my previous Hexa Pot post, boiling water in a paper cup is not a new idea; Hexa Pot just makes it much more packable and convenient.

Here's a video showing the Hexa Pot in action:

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