Design Your Own Sandals: Custom Chaco Sandals

Summer is coming! Summer is coming! In preparation for the coming season, you can now design your own custom pair of Chaco sandals at the company's new MyChacos website. It's a well-designed, easy-to-use site that allows you to select from a wide variety of strap patterns, buckle colors, tread designs, and more to create your own one-of-a-kind set of summer footwear. Even better, each custom pair is made in the USA at Chaco's location in Rockford, Michigan.

They are a bit pricier ($125) than Chaco's standard designs ($100), but that's the price you pay to create such fantastically ugly designs like the ones pictured here, which I created this morning. (You could also make some more appealing designs, I suppose, but that's not nearly as amusing.)

I have owned several pairs of Chacos over the years and can vouch for their extreme durability and comfort. I especially appreciate the integrated arch support in the sandals' footbed and the adjustability of the strap system for a good fit, plus the fact that Chaco produces their sandals—including these custom models—up to size 15 for big-footed Sasquatches like me. (For those with broad feet, Chacos also makes wide sizes.)

My only complaint is that Chacos are extremely heavy—my giant pair tips the scales at more than 2 pounds!—and are a poor choice for backpacking as a result.

Happy sandaling! And yay summer!

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