Jetboil of Manchester, N.H.

Jetboil was the first company I profiled in my ongoing series on Northeast-based gear companies (see the complete list below). It's still one of my favorites. Here's the latest on this great company, plus a personal rave experience with their customer service folks.

Nearly a decade ago, Jetboil pioneered a hyper-efficient integrated stove and cooking system. They called it the personal cook system, or PCS. You can read all about in my previous Jetboil post. Since then, the company has updated their classic design, as well as introduced a line of slightly smaller, lighter weight stoves.

The PCS evolved into the Flash Cooking System (left, $99, 14 ounces). It's essentially the same thing, though they added some features like a color-changing heat indicator on the insulating sleeve, which alerts you when the contents are hot. It's also available in three different colors (green, blue, or black).

The rest of the product line features a slightly smaller cookpot (0.8 liter vs. 1 liter) that helps reduce weight and bulk. For the cost-conscious, there's the Zip Cooking System ($69, 12 ounces), the most basic Jetboil option. Unlike other Jetboil stoves, however, it lacks the automatic piezo ignition, which means that you'll have to light it manually.

For the weight- and efficiency-conscious buyer, Jetboil offers two options. The Sol Advanced Cooking System ($119, 10.5 ounces) and Sol Ti Premium Cooking System (right, $149, 8.5 ounces). Both feature Jetboil's new "Thermo Regulate" technology, which shaves 15 seconds off the boil time for a half-liter of water. The weight (and price) difference comes from the titanium cookpot featured in the Premium system.

Jetboil also offers a fantastic accessory for making coffee. The Jetboil Coffee Press ($15, 0.8 ounces), integrates with the lid and provides one of the lightest weight brewing solutions I'm aware of. It's what I've used for years. Which brings me to the last part of this story.

Last weekend, I broke the press basket while trying to mash some grounds into the bottom of the cookpot. I called Jetboil the next day, got a customer service rep on the phone in less than a minute, and explained the problem. She sent me a brand new basket at no cost the next day (and no, I didn't tell her I was a gear blogger). Awesome!

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