CrazeeHeads of Port Washington, New York

Part 15 in an ongoing series highlighting Northeast-based gear companies. You're smart enough to wear a helmet while you ski, bike, or otherwise risk your noggin. But are you brave enough to wear a crazeeHead?

CrazeeHeads are helmet covers stitched to look like plush animals. Eleven different creatures are available from this small New York company, including a monkey, panda, snow leopard, raccoon, and more. Each of them has a name, plus important information about their background and preferences. These include (text from the company web site):

Mo the Monkey: "Most monkeys hang out in the jungle, but Mo has adapted well to living in the snow – so now he’s perfectly at home on the slopes. You’ll have fun fooling around with him!"
Poppi the Pig: "Poppi the Pig is the most lovable and squeezable "oinker" you've ever met! Her pink fur sparkles in the sun (like a movie star)."
Pickles the Alligator: "He’s the absolute, guaranteed, no-doubt-about-it, cutest and softest gator who ever walked the Earth."

CrazeeHeads area also available in a fashion collection, which look more like oversized—and much more stylish—hats. They are available in three designs: basic quilted, embroidered velvet, and animal skin patterns (right). CrazeeHeads are sized based on helmet dimensions and cost $37 for plush animals, $23 to $28 for the fashion collection.

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