Patagonia Gear, Cheap and Green

The greenest garment is one that's never made in the first place. In keeping with this philosophy, Patagonia just announced an expansion of their Common Threads Initiative, an ongoing effort that encourages people to reuse and recycle their outdoor clothing.

In cooperation with eBay, Patagonia just launched a dedicated eBay Patagonia Store to help—and encourage—consumers to both resell and purchase used Patagonia equipment. According to Patagonia's press release, it marks the first time that a major retailer is actively encouraging consumers to purchase used gear rather than buy new (and infinitely more profitable) stuff. Indeed, Patagonia receives none of the profits from their eBay store.

Launched late last week, the Patagonia eBay store already features nearly 100 items, including waterproof-breathable jackets, fleece and other insulation layers, and a variety of casual clothing—all for much, much less than their brand-new equivalents. Expect the selection to grow rapidly in the weeks and months ahead as the word spreads.

The eBay store marks the latest addition to the Common Threads Initiative, which also enables consumers to recycle their used Patagonia clothing at any Patagonia retail store and offers quick and inexpensive repairs (or free if it's a defect). Learn more here.

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