Gear Watch: Camping Espresso Maker and Under-the-Seat Bike Hydration

If you love espresso and want a piping hot shot of delicious caffeine at your next campsite, check out the Presso Espresso Maker. This elegantly designed piece of machinery requires no electricity, just boiling water and a little muscle power. Simply add espresso grounds to the basket, pour water in the top, pull up the two arms, then push them down to force the water through the basket and into your cup in a matter of seconds. (Here's a video of the Presso in action.) It's not lightweight (about 4 pounds) or compact enough for backpacking, but easily fits into your next car camping adventure. $150.

To drink water while cycling, you need to either bend down and pull a water bottle from its cage on your frame, fish one out of the back of your cycling jersey, or wear a hydration pack. To make water more accessible, Showers Pass has introduced VelEau, an under-the-seat hydration system that features an easy-to-grab tube positioned right by your handlebars. "Retractable magnetic reels" allow you to pull up the tube to drink, then snap the tube back into its out-of-the-way position when you're done. Its 1.25-liter capacity is double that of most bike water bottles. $80.

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