Alcohol Stoves: Useful Resources

My current Equipped column in AMC Outdoors—Pack Heat, Not Weight—focuses on alcohol stoves. I did a lot of research for this piece and wanted to share a few of the best resources I found online for learning about, building, buying, and using an alcohol stove.

Zen and the Art of the Alcohol Stove
This is hands-down the best, most comprehensive online resource for alcohol stoves. The site covers everything, from stove and fuel types to building your own to tips on use.

Art Simon's Reviews of Alcohol Stoves
Though a bit dated (2006), this provides one of the better run-downs and reviews of many alcohol stoves, most of which are still available. He tested 10 of them for boil times and fuel consumption.

Commercially Available Alcohol Stoves
Here's a short list of alcohol stoves available for purchase online, with links to the manufactuer's web site. Note that this is by no means comprehensive.

Brasslite Backpacking Stoves
Clikstand (pictured top left)
Etowah Outfitters Etowah II
ThermoJet MicroLite (bottom right)
Liberty Mountain Westwind
Vargo Outdoors (middle left)
AntiGravityGear Alcohol Stove

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