What's on My Bookshelf: Natural History Guides, Part 2

Last week I posted several of my favorite, go-to natural history guides for the Northeast. Here are a few more favorites, including several that cover topics not featured in my original post.

Forest Trees of Maine: Centennial Edition
Maine Forest Service
In 2008, the Maine Forest Service published the 100th anniversary edition to this wonderful guide to the state's tree species. It's a comprehensive round-up of all trees in Maine, though nearly all of the species can be found across northern New England and New York. Many also grow in southern New England and points south. One of the best features of this guide is its side-by-side comparison of similar species, which allows you to quickly learn the key distinguishing differences between different varieties of spruce, birch, oaks, and more. Available for free download as a pdf, or you can order a print version for $15.

AMC Field Guide to the New England Alpine Summits
Nancy Slack and Allison Bell
The Northeast offers more above-treeline acreage than anywhere else east of the Rockies. This harsh environment is home to a rugged, unique collection of flora found nowhere else in the region. Expand your alpine knowledge with this slim, pocket-sized field guide that focuses exclusively on this ecosystem—and fits handily into your pack for your next peak-bagging adventure.

Newcomb's Wildflower Guide
Lawrence Newcomb
April and May are prime time for wildflowers in the Northeast. If you're interested in identifying those beautiful blossoms underfoot, this is the guide to buy. Newcomb's unique classification system allows you to quickly hone in on the flower type using three simple criteria: flower type (number of petals), leaf type, and plant type. In general, the system is intuitive and easy-to-use, even if you have limited knowledge of flower terminology or anatomy.

New AMC Books
While I'm talking books, I would be remiss for not mentioning several new releases from AMC Books, including AMC's Best Day Hikes in the White Mountains and Passport to AMC's High Huts of the White Mountains. There are also new editions available for AMC's Best Day Hikes Near Boston and AMC's Best Day Hikes in the Catskills.

Do you have a favorite natural history guide for the Northeast? Please let me know!

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