Super Laces?

Sometimes you find big innovation in the lowliest places. Like the top of your shoes. It is there that you duly ignore the humble shoelace when it does its job and stays tied. Only when your shoelace fails does it earn your attention—and it's not usually positive thoughts. Now you can spare untied shoelaces your scorn with the new Sure Lock lace from New Balance.

The Sure Lock lace features what New Balance describes as a "reciprocating wave pattern." Essentially, the lace is alternately narrow and wide along its entire length. The wider sections give the appearance of the lace "bubbling" out; hence you'll also often see them referred to as "bubble laces."

The idea behind them is simple. When you tie them or run them through the eyelets on your shoes, they inherently cinch down on a narrower section. The wider adjacent section then faces much greater resistance to pulling through. It evidently works—they earn rave reviews for staying tied and keeping taut across your instep.

Here's a link to the New Balance video on YouTube that shows more detail. You can buy a pair from a variety of retailers, including Amazon, for $2.99.

Equipped” is an AMC Outdoors blog, written by Matt Heid.