Gear Watch: Rechargeable Heated Insoles—with Remote Control!

Cold feet are a plague that can infect winter fun with soul-sapping discomfort and pain. Nobody likes their toes whimpering, shrieking, and then silently suffering in cold, vasoconstricted agony. If only you had feet heaters that worked via remote control! Enter Thermo Soles.

Touted as "the world's first wire-free rechargeable heated insoles," these red radiators of warmth feature an ultrathin lithium-ion battery sandwiched in the middle of the insoles between two layers of cushion and insulation; heating elements run the length of the insole for full heat distribution. Attach the charging adaptor to the back of the insoles, plug them into a wall, let charge for 2 hours, and you're ready to go. Simply slip them inside your regular footwear.

Thermo Soles are available in two models: original ($99) and remote control ($119). On a full charge, the original version provides heat for up to 8 hours. Embedded in each insole is an integrated thermostat which adjusts the heat output based on your foot temperature. The remote control version features a small keychain fob-sized clicker that allows you to remotely increase or decrease the insole heat output.

Given the limited charge time, these aren't going to be standard equipment on multi-day winter adventures but may provide an extra margin of comfort, safety, and warmth on a day hike—or afternoon spent standing around in the cold watching the kids sled.

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