Gear Watch: Selk'bag Sleepwear System

Ever fantasize about wearing your sleeping bag like a giant puff suit of warmth? Turns out you can with the Selk'bag 3G, a full-body sleep system complete with arms, legs, and hood.

The Selk'bag is essentially a big, puffy, head-to-toe body suit. Filled with polyester insulation, the Selk'bag is rated to 35 degrees and features leg vents to help with temperature regulation, reinforced nylon soles, and a multitude of zippers, including double front entry-zippers and a hip zipper for accessing clothes and pockets underneath. Both the hands and feet seal up for full-body coverage at night.

Based in Santiago, Chile, the small company gets its name from the Selk'nam of southern South America, a nomadic people who lived in the harsh weather and temperatures of Patagonia. They were renowned for their resistance to cold and wind. You can read the full Selk'bag Story here. The company introduced the first Selk'bag in 2006 and has since refined the design based on development and testing in the Chilean Andes.

The Selk'bag is reasonably priced ($149) and available from the company web site. It comes in three different sizes based on height. It's on the heavy side (4 - 4.7 pounds, depending on size), though, and relatively bulky. Also available in a kid's version ($99)

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