Giant Outdoor Footwear: Where to Find Size 15

In my previous post, I discussed the growing availability of size 15 footwear for giant-footed individuals like myself. But when it comes to specialty outdoor footwear, life can still be challenging. For all you Bigfoots out there, this is what I've learned.

For specialty activities like mountaineering or backcountry skiing, the market just isn't big enough for manufacturers to justify producing much in the way of size 15 boots. In several cases, I've found only a single style available for each activity. Here they are:

Mountaineering Boots Lowa makes the Civetta ($330) up to size 14.5 and the beefier, warmer Civetta Extreme ($420) up to size 16.

Randonee/AT/Telemark BootsThese are sized according to the Mondo size scale. For a size 15, you need a Mondo Size 31. Most manufacturers stop at 29 or 30, though Scarpa makes one style up to a 31 each year. They haven't yet posted their 2011 styles to their web site, but expect to see at least their classic T1 Telemark boot available in a Mondo 31.

Skate Skiing BootsFischer makes their RC7 Skating Boot up to a size 49 (US Size 14+), which fortunately runs on the big side—it was the only skate ski boot I could find that fit.

Bike ShoesSidi America offers several road cycling shoes up to size 50. They make their Genius 5 Pro up to size 52 (US Size 16).

Rock Climbing ShoesA surprising number of size 15 options are available from Five Ten and Mad Rock, among others.

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