REI vs EMS: Outdoor Retailers Set to Face Off in Manhattan

Last week, REI announced the opening of its first retail store in Manhattan. Slated to open in fall 2011, the new store will be located only a few blocks away from Manhattan's flagship EMS store. It seems the area is set to become quite the destination for comparison-shopping gear junkies.

Both stores are large and serious shopping destinations. REI is leasing three floors of the Puck building (pictured), a total of 39,000 square feet with 14,000 square feet on the ground floor. EMS opened its 18,000-square-foot flagship store in May 2009, tripling the size of its existing store which had been located only a few blocks away.

Founded in Wellesley, MA, in 1967, EMS operates more than 80 stores in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic region. REI has more than 100 stores nationwide and has significantly expanded its Northeast presence over the past decade.

Here's the REI press release announcing the new store. A New York Times article provides some additional details.

Here's a very funny New York Times article about the EMS store, visited shortly after its opening in 2009.

And for an article from a real estate watcher's perspective, check out this piece from Crain's New York Business.

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