Essential Links: New York and Mid-Atlantic

I just updated my online bookmarks to include the most useful web sites for staying up-to-date on the New York and Mid-Atlantic outdoors, including current updates on conditions, happenings, and events. This is the companion post to my recent post, Essential Links: New England.

If you don't see one of your favorite sites, please mention it in the comments section—I will compile an expanded list based on your feedback.

Here they are, including Facebook and Twitter links if available:

New York - New Jersey Trail Conference
The go-to source for outdoor maps, guidebooks, and current updates on hiking destinations in New Jersey and most of New York. Twitter. Facebook.

Adirondack Mountain Club
If it's anything related to the Adirondacks, this is the site. Facebook.

New York State Parks
Twitter. Facebook.

New Jersey State Parks
Pennsylvania State Parks
Twitter. Facebook.

Delaware State Parks
Twitter. Facebook.

Maryland State Park
And a few more general resources for the region:
Appalachian Mountain Club
Of course. Good resources for hiking in the Catskills. Twitter. Facebook.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy
The go-to source for all things Appalachian Trail, including current trail updates and a complete list of all cooperative management partners, including trail clubs and government agencies. Twitter. Facebook.

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