Ruffing It: Outdoor Gear for dogs

Compared to us backpack-toting gear haulers, dogs are remarkably self-sufficient. Most come pre-equipped with warm layers, excellent traction, and a capacity to drink whatever water they find. On longer trips, most can even haul their own stuff, plus a bit of yours. So what gear does your hiking Buddy really need?
The Essentials
You'll need to bring Buddy some food, whether it's meals or just motivational snacks. If you're providing a full meal, carry a container for feeding time. A variety of dog-specific, collapsible bowls are available (2-6 ounces, $10-$25); a Frisbee or Tupperware container also works well. If you're traveling somewhere with limited water, carry extra for Buddy—that same bowl can be used for drinking. Finally, carry a leash for situations when total canine control is essential or required...
This column originally appeared in the August web edition of AMC Outdoors. You can read the full story here.
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(Photograph by Terrance Emerson/Fotolia)