Highest Calorie Energy Bars

Looking for serious adventure fuel? I recently perused the extensive energy bar selection at a local outdoor gear store. My objective: Identify which individually wrapped energy bar contained the most calories. (Note that they do not necessarily provide the highest calories per ounce, just the most calories contained in one package.)

Here are the winners:

Honey Stinger Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Pro
3.2 ounces, 390 calories, $2.39
A brick of honey, chocolate, cherries, and almonds that also includes 20 grams of protein. Honey Stinger's Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Pro also packs in the same amount of calories.

ProBar Cocoa Pistachio
3.0 ounces, 390 calories, $3.29
According to ProBar, this bar "is a dream come true with peanuts, roasted pistachios, and unsweetened dark chocolate." Depends what your dreams are, I suppose... Most ProBars are in the 350-390 calorie range.

Bear Valley Pemmican Bar: Carob and Cocoa
3.75 ounces, 440 calories, $1.29
This is my sentimental favorite, though my taste buds might disagree. Bear Valley has been offering their line of inexpensive Pemmican bars for more than a decade, long before the energy bar phenomenon took hold. Plus they pack a whopping 35 grams of protein per bar.

All three of these provide significantly more calories than many of their smaller energy bar competitors. For example, most ClifBars, Powerbars, and Balance Bars weigh in somewhere between 200-250 calories. But all three lose out to several King Size candy bar options, notably Baby Ruth (480 calories).

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