Google Maps: Bicycle Routes and Directions

Google Maps recently introduced a bicycle routes and directions component to its online maps. You can now view designated bike routes and bike-only paths. There are a lot more than you might think! More significantly, you can also get directions along the most bike-friendly corridors, which usually differ substantially from recommended driving routes.

To check it out: Select the Bicycling box under "More:" on any Google Map page. Here's all the details on how it works from Google press release: Grab Your Bike and Go with Google Maps This new service currently only covers major metropolitan areas, including every major city in the Northeast. As an example, here's a neat Philadelphia overview.

Of course it is not possible to completely factor in local knowledge that may affect route selection, which is why there is a reporting tool link at the bottom of each map that enables users to share their feedback on incorrect (or less-desired) route recommendations.

Bike on!

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