Hooray for Superfeet, Part 2 of 2

In my last post, I provided an overview of Superfeet. I'm a big fan of these after-market insoles, which provide long-lasting shock absorption and arch support. In this continuing segment, I review the Superfeet options available for hiking and general all-purpose use.

Superfeet styles are identified by their color. When it comes to hiking and day-to-day wear, the most popular are green, blue, orange, and berry (a pink-purple hue).

Green SuperfeetThe green style ($35) can be considered the standard model, with a deep heel pocket and pronounced arch support. They also add volume inside your shoes. If your shoes have extra room around your ankle, heel, and/or instep, replacing the existing insole with a pair of greens will help take up that extra space and create a better fit (see my post on preventing heel blisters for more on this). The only drawback to the green line is minimal cushion under the forefoot, which is provided by a dense foam that flattens out after many months of use. Superfeet recently added a wider version of the green to their product line, a nice option if you have extra-wide feet.

Blue SuperfeetThe blue style ($35) is essentially identical to green, with one key difference: lower volume. They take up little to no extra space inside your shoes and are the style to select if your shoes already fit perfectly.

Orange SuperfeetThe orange style ($45) is an upgraded version of the high-volume green line. The upgrade? A cushy extra layer of padded foam underneath the forefoot. I was excited to give these a try (I've always used green), but was chagrined to discover that the heel-arch dimension seems to vary between the orange and green line. I wear a G (size 13.5-15) in green, but found that the orange G had the arch positioned differently. A good illustration of the importance of checking Superfeet for fit before buying. (They do make a size H (15.5-17) in orange, but—not surprisingly—retailers seldom carry footwear accessories of such Sasquatchian size.)

Berry SuperfeetThe berry style ($45) is the women's version of the orange. It is narrower throughout, especially in the heel, to better accommodate the average shape of a woman's foot.

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