Gear Watch: Mountain House Wrap Series

Mountain House, erstwhile purveyor of dehydrated backcountry meals, has introduced a new idea into the market: The Wrap Series.

This new line is designed to be used as delicious filling for tortillas that you provide separately. If my experience is any indication, I can tell you that a lot of burritos get made in the backcountry. Rice and beans, cheese, hot sauce, maybe some meat or an avocado in a tortilla: Delicious! And very high-calorie as well. I've made a lot of them. So my guess is that this new line will sell well.

It features four initial flavors: Breakfast Skillet, Mexican Style Beef, Buffalo Style Chicken, and Barbecue Sauce with Beef. They all offer high calories per ounce ratios: Breakfast Skillet (680 calories/4.7-ounce serving), Mexican Style Beef (360/4.0), Buffalo Style Chicken (390/4.0), Barbecue Sauce with Beef (630/4.6).

Like all Mountain House foods, they are simplicity itself to prepare. Pour boiling water in the package. Let sit a few minutes. Eat. My only complaint with Mountain House (and almost every other pre-packaged dehydrated meal on the market) is high sodium content. The Breakfast Skillet contains 1690 mg per one-serving, Mexican Style Beef 1570, Buffalo Style Chicken 980, Barbecue Sauce with Beef 1640. Your RDA for sodium is 2300 mg. If you throw in two flour tortillas (1000mg sodium), it's easy to exceed your RDA (2300mg).

All four single-serving meals cost $6.40.

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