Did you know that you have free access to a vast archive of online AMC Outdoors content, including every Equipped column I've written over the past five years? Plus dozens of other past articles that provide great info on destinations, outdoor skills, and the Northeast's fascinating natural history?

The AMC Outdoors archives stretches back more than 10 years and is an invaluable resource anytime you're in the market for outdoor gear (Equipped archives); looking for your next outdoor adventure (Get Out archives); training for outdoor activities (Out+Fit archives); developing new outdoor skills (Learn How archives); or simply interested in learning more about the fascinating natural and cultural history of the Northeast (Wild Wisdom and Feature Story archives).

Over the years, I've written about a vast array of outdoor equipment in my many Equipped columns. If you're ever in the market for outdoor gear—any outdoor gear—you'll probably find some useful information in the archives. To help you in your quest, I've sorted many of my past articles by topic below. Enjoy!

Survival Equipment
The Spark of Life: Firestarters (January/February 2010)
Wilderness Lifelines: Personal Locators (September/October 2009)
The Finer Points on Knives (November 2008)
Survive This Gear (November 2006)

Ride On! Bike Through Winter (November/December 2009)
Invest in the Best Bike Security (September 2008)
The Beauty of Bike Packing (July/August 2006)

Maps and Books
Digital Hiking Guides (Web - October 2009)
The Download on Digital Maps (April 2008)

How Silnylon is Changing the Tent Market (Web - August 2009)
Tents for the Entire Family (May 2009)
Anatomy of a Four-Season Tent (January/February 2008)

Sleeping Bags
Choosing the Right Bag (September 2007)

Adventure Sandals (June 2007)

Infant Carriers (April 2007)

Cooking, Food, and Hydration
Critter-Proof Your Food (July/August 2009)
Backcountry Coffee (September 2006)
Kick the Bottle Habit with a Better Hydration System (June 2005)

Optics and Electronics
Spot On: Focus on the Right Binoculars (June 2009)
Packing Solar Power (April 2009)
Useful Backcountry Gadgets (October 2007)
Lighting the Way With Headlamps (October 2006)

Gear Repair & Maintenance
Renew Water Repellency (January/February 2009)
Don't Forget the Duct Tape! (June 2008)

Gear up for Cold Weather Paddling (March 2009)
Pumped Up About Inflatable Kayaks (March 2008)
Choose Your Canoe (May 2007)
Tips for Overnight Paddling (March 2006)

Get Wrapped up in the Right Gaiters (December 2008)
The Short Take on Long Underwear (November 2007)
Hot Hands (December 2006)
Socks: Tale of a Lowly Foot Soldier (July/August 2005)

Health & Fitness
Sunscreen Tips to Fend Off the Burn (July/August 2008)
The Dope on Bug Dope (June 2006)
De-bugging Your Water Supply (May 2006)

Winter Equipment
Get Wrapped up in the Right Gaiters (December 2008)
The Skinny on Ski Lingo (December 2007)
The Short Take on Long Underwear (November 2007)
The Snowshoe Landscape (January/February 2007)
Hot Hands (December 2006)

Other Topics
How Green is Your Gear? (October 2008)
How Gender Affects Gear Selection (May 2008)
The Fastpacking Movement (July/August 2007)
Homegrown Gear (March 2007)
2,175 Miles of Gear Abuse (April 2006)

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