Gear Watch: Jet Boil Flash, TriSquare Digital Two-Way Radios, BikeGlow Safety Light, and Nite Ize Spokelit

In today's post, we have a quick round-up of some new and updated gear that has caught my attention:

Jet Boil Flash Jet Boil has released an updated version of their Personal Cooking System, which I discussed in depth in my June 14 post. It's essentially the same set-up, with a few upgrades:

1) They've improved the piezo auto-igniter. It's now smaller and doesn't protrude as much, making it more difficult to damage.
2) The lid is now translucent, making it possible to see what's happening inside the pot.
3) A slick "thermochromic temperature indicator" is embedded in the neoprene cozy around the pot (in the shape of the Jet Boil logo no less). It changes color as the contents heat up.
4) It now comes with a stabilizer base for the canister, which used to be sold as an accessory.
5) It's now available in four colors: classic black, orange, purple, and blue.

The price hasn't changed from the original ($100). The Flash was initially released as an REI exclusive, but is now available from a variety of online retailers. Strangely, it doesn't yet appear on Jet Boil's own website.

TriSquare TSX 300 eXRS Digital RadiosUnlike traditional two-way radios, which transmit on FRS and GMRS frequencies, TriSquare radios use an entirely different spectrum and technology. The advantages of "Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum" (FHSS) technology are a nearly infinite number of channels (up to 10 billion) for secure transmissions and, more significantly, the ability to transmit text messages between certain TriSquare Radios, like the TSX 300 ($100 for value pack pictured). Because they do not operate on GMRS, they do not require an FCC license to operate. But that also means they are not compatible with GMRS radios, like the classic Motorola Talkabout series.

BikeGlow Safety Light Daylight will rapidly dwindle in the months ahead. For nighttime riding, check out the new Bikeglow safety light ($24.95), a 10-foot long flexible light tube that you can wrap around your bike frame for some serious illumination. It's been getting rave reviews and seems to be a great option for increased visibility, especially from the side. Two AA batteries power it for up to 50 hours on continuous light, and more than 100 when flashing. Available in eight colors. BikeGlow is a new, small home-grown operation based in the San Francisco Bay Area, a neat story in itself.

Nite Ize Spokelit This is another good option for improved nighttime visibility from the side. Simply pop in the Spokelit ($9) between your spokes, turn it on, and watch the color wheel go round and round! Flashing and continuous glow modes possible. It runs on two coin batteries (CR2026), which only last 15-18 hours. Available in red, blue, green, and rotating rainbow.

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