New Energy Bar: Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bar

There's a new contender in the ever-escalating battle to create the greenest/hippiest/most politically correct energy bar on the market: Raw Revolution. Their line of Organic Live Food Bars ($1.99) are 100 percent organic, kosher, vegan, and free of preservatives, refined sugars, gluten, soy, wheat, GMOs, and all animal products. Plus all of the ingredients are 100 percent raw, because, according to their web site: "Raw Organic foods are closest to their natural state, bringing us closer to healing ourselves and the global ecology."

It seems there isn't a single person or organism on Earth that this bar could offend, except perhaps the sensibilities of somebody (like myself) who finds this whole trend a little bit much—is my regular diet so out-of-whack that I need "healing?" Though I suppose if somebody is a kosher vegan with gluten and soy allergies—and is opposed to genetic tinkering—they've just added a few menu items to what must otherwise be very limited options.

Nevertheless, the bars do feature several qualities that I do look for in energy bars: high calorie counts and low sodium. The 2.2-ounce bars offer 260-280 calories each, well above the 100 calories/ounce benchmark I look for; and each one has little to no sodium (20mg or less).

So I tried one yesterday when I was out hiking, choosing their Spirulina & Cashew option. I was expecting something with a texture and taste like sweetened lawn mowing clippings. Turns out it actually tastes much, much better than that. In fact, I think I may have to advocate joining the Raw Revolution purely on the basis of taste, calories, and low sodium. And you get healed in the bargain—a pretty good deal!

The bar I tried contains exactly six ingredients: cashews, dates, agave nectar, almonds, spirulina powder, and sprouted flax seed. I didn't even know what spirulina was until this morning. According to Wikipedia, turns out it's a form of cyanobacteria very similar to blue-green algae that contains an unusually high percentage of protein (55-77 percent by dry weight). Evidently it's been used as a food source and supplement for centuries. At least in part because of this, the bar boasts seven grams of protein.

And sprouted flax seed? It seems that flax seeds are an extremely nutritious food source, but very difficult for the body to digest in unsprouted form. Once it germinates, however, the chemical composition changes such that flax seed is easier for us to digest.

I have yet to try the other Raw Revolution bars (I'll let you know when I do), but until then I'm adding it to my regular snacking line-up.

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